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Productive Struggle to Build Resilience

One common theme amongst school-aged children, especially in a post-pandemic world, are a lack of motivation, discipline, and resilience. However you look at it, the world has changed, leaving all kinds of industries to change with it. This includes elementary […]

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Chronic Absenteeism Unrelated to Illness

“Chronic absenteeism occurs at every grade level but is more prevalent in some grades than others. Research suggests that students in the early elementary grades also experience high rates of chronic absenteeism. Understanding when students are most at risk will […]

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School Safety GIA’s #1 Concern

GIA Family –

Can you walk into your scholar’s school without being challenged? If you can, we see an urgent problem that needs attention.

Whether we’re spending your Summer months enjoying vacations, activities as a family, or relaxing at home, I’d like […]

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Tech Safety & The Parent’s Role

The op-ed this blog draws from, linked below, comes from a 6-8th grade middle school assistant principal, about what he encounters everyday with his students and the significant lack of accountability from the parents of those students. The main point […]

The Story of GIA

The original scholars of the GIA building who promoted 8th grade, at that time called The Odyssey Preparatory Academy,  graduated high school last year, in 2020. In recognition, we thought we’d take a look back at the origins of GIA […]

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Hands-On Learning at GIA (Part Two: Examples)

Earlier this month, we wrote about hands-on learning and what that means for school-aged children. This week, we want to give examples of what GIA has been doing to support hands-on learning for both our scholars and our teachers, as […]

  • Black History Month

Black History Month

Happy February!

Today marks the start of Black History Month. We welcome almost any occasion that leads us to examine our past. Some people feel that Black History Month shouldn’t exist because its very existence leads to further racial angst. We […]