GIA Family –

Can you walk into your scholar’s school without being challenged? If you can, we see an urgent problem that needs attention.

Whether we’re spending your Summer months enjoying vacations, activities as a family, or relaxing at home, I’d like to take a moment to address some truly horrific acts that have happened across the Nation this past school year. As we’re all aware, the gun violence that took place at Rob Elementary School in Uvalde, TX is an example of the worst of humanity. While nothing GIA could say or offer to those suffering in Uvalde right now will ever be enough, we want to make it clear that we are doing everything to challenge each person that walks through GIA’s front doors. That being said, parents should always get involved and not assume anything about the safety of their child’s school.

So, what is GIA doing for your scholar? We are challenging every person that enters campus. Are you checking your child out? GIA requires identification from the adult checking the child out; only those on the approved parent or guardian list can do so. Each person that volunteers or is going to remain on campus is screened in real time. Our screening system alerts us to anyone that has committed a crime against children as soon as they check in. We offer a mandatory OWLunteer Workshop for all parents interested in volunteering on campus. GIA practices lockdown drills and fire drills each month, and keeps every classroom door locked during the school day. We recognize that all of these steps may very well not be enough in the event of a real-time scenario, which is why all GIA staff are participating in an active shooter training in July.

We are using a holistic strategy of protection, and this includes being sure that our parents are involved as well. The world we live in today requires that we are educating our children on very real dangers, and subsequently being involved in the policies and efforts of our schools. GIA is always open to hearing constructive ideas from parents who believe that something more or different can be implemented.

Please reach out to me for any questions or concerns: [email protected].

Thank you,

Patty Messer

GIA Executive Director