Pick Up and Drop Off Procedures

The Grande Innovation Academy has over 45 staff members conducting pickup every day come rain or shine! Our #1 priority is getting every scholar into their car safely and efficiently. It’s impossible to know every car and every family member, so please follow these directions precisely.  The process goes smoothly when everyone follows the rules, the procedures and is patient.

  • Your parking placard MUST be displayed on your dash:
        • Orange is for kindergarten
        • Yellow is for siblings
        • Blue is for singles
  • Scholars are released at 4 p.m. 
  • We will not release scholars during Protected Time (3:00-3:30 for kindergarteners and 3:30-4:00 for 1st-8th)
  • We will not allow scholars to walk across the parking lot unassisted. If you park you must walk to the location your scholar is waiting and pick them up.
  • The information below contains important parking lot pickup information and procedures for pick-up.

The Pick Up System


Pick-up will take place in front of our gym. You’ll enter the parking lot and drive straight back. Stay in your car and a staff member will bring him/her to you. You’ll turn in the bus circle and exit out the same place you entered. ALL cars, all families/friends who are picking-up MUST have the BLUE placard in their passenger’s side dashboard/window. You’ll get this at your Meet-the-Teacher time.


pick-up is at 3:30 along the south (Home Depot) curb. Your scholar will be standing there with their teacher. Stay in your car and a staff member will bring him/her to you. If you have a kinder with older sibs follow the directions for Siblings.

Kindergarten Pick-up Map 330

1st – 8th Grade Singles: 

No change from last year. You’ll line up along the south (Home Depot) curb. Stay in your car and a staff member will bring him/her to you.

Sibling and Single Pick up Map

A B C’s of Pick Up



Be ALERT at all times. 



BE Patient



This is a CELL Phone Free Zone.

Traffic Owls