Meet Our Team

No matter how you slice it, we’re always here for you!

One of the character profiles that we model for our scholars at The Grande Innovation Academy is that of being a Communicator. From the smiling faces in the front to our dedicated and hard-working teachers, we strive to communicate in a respectful and productive manner.

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Patty Messer
Patty MesserExecutive Director
Jori Bielski
Jori BielskiPre K-Third Grade Academic Coach
Kristin Curtin
Kristin CurtinFourth-Eighth Grade Academic Coach
Melody Holloway
Melody HollowayCounselor
Scott Laufenberg
Scott LaufenbergDean of Scholars and Title IX Coordinator
Tracy McCain
Tracy McCainReading Specialist

Front Office Team

Enola Alexander
Enola AlexanderAttendance Clerk
Gaby Castañon
Gaby CastañonNurse
Cyarin Jimenez
Cyarin JimenezOffice Manager / Admin Assistant
Roger Messer
Roger MesserBusiness Manager
Tonya Peterson
Tonya PetersonOffice Staff
Kristina Thomas
Kristina ThomasOffice Staff

Teaching Teams

Kindergarten Team

Felicia Bock
Felicia BockKindergarten Teacher
Tabby Childers
Tabby ChildersKindergarten Interventionist
Liz Garcia
Liz GarciaKindergarten Interventionist
Kaela Jackman
Kaela JackmanKindergarten Teacher
Rhen McCormick
Rhen McCormickPara
Judy Mulligan
Judy MulliganKindergarten Interventionist
Skylynn Wiles
Skylynn WilesKindergarten Teacher

First Grade Team

Heidi Ables
Heidi Ables First Grade Para
Rachel Jackson
Rachel JacksonFirst Grade Teacher
Isabel Leyva
Isabel LeyvaFirst Grade Para
Tina Lowenthal
Tina LowenthalFirst Grade Teacher
Kayleigh Oliver
Kayleigh Oliver First Grade Interventionist
M Reavely
M ReavelyFirst Grade Para
Martha Rodriguez
Martha RodriguezFirst Grade Teacher
Stephanie Urbina
Stephanie UrbinaFirst Grade Para
Silvia Wagner
Silvia WagnerFirst Grade Teacher

Second Grade Team

Jessica Baird
Jessica Baird Second Grade Para
Maria Estrella
Maria EstrellaSecond Grade Teacher
Ally Guerra
Ally GuerraSecond Grade Para
Krystle Lopez
Krystle LopezSecond Grade Para
Knovelle McClain
Knovelle McClain Second Grade Interventionist
Jennifer Sullivan
Jennifer SullivanSecond Grade Teacher
Lindsey Wright
Lindsey WrightSecond Grade Teacher

Third Grade Team

Justine Coffman
Justine CoffmanThird Grade Interventionist
Janie Marquez
Janie Marquez Third Grade Teacher
Keri Mills
Keri MillsThird Grade Interventionist
Regina Oaks
Regina OaksThird Grade Teacher
Skyler Oates
Skyler OatesThird Grade Para
Gwen Platt
Gwen PlattThird Grade Teacher
Anna Rodriguez
Anna RodriguezThird Grade Para and Library Support

Fourth Grade Team

Kim David
Kim DavidFourth Grade ELA SS Teacher
Mikel Randall
Mikel Randall Fourth Grade Science
Dorthy Thayer
Dorthy ThayerFourth Grade Math Teacher
Elayna Vacha
Elayna VachaFourth Grade Para
Jessica Victorino
Jessica VictorinoFourth Grade Para

Fifth Grade Team

Brigitt Eshagpoor
Brigitt EshagpoorFifth Grade Math Teacher
Melissa Cimorell
Melissa CimorellFifth Grade Art Teacher and Interventionist
Maria Joseph
Maria JosephFifth-Eighth Grade Interventionist
Hallie Owensby
Hallie OwensbyFifth Grade Science Teacher
Ann Rosati
Ann RosatiFifth Grade Interventionist
Stephanie Walters
Stephanie WaltersFifth Grade ELA

Sixth Grade Team

Gabriel Cleveland
Gabriel ClevelandSixth Grade Interventionist
Delcia Harber
Delcia HarberMiddle School Interventionist
Taylor Kerby
Taylor KerbySixth Grade Philosophy/Art History Teacher
Ashlee Miller
Ashlee MillerMiddle School Interventionist
Algie Mitchell
Algie Mitchell Sixth Grade Science Teacher
Nancy Randall
Nancy RandallSixth Grade ELA Teacher
Hazel Watts
Hazel WattsSixth and Seventh Grade Math Teacher

Seventh-Eighth Grade Team

Virginia Gutierrez
Virginia Gutierrez Seventh-Eighth Grade ELA Teacher
Delcia Harber
Delcia HarberMiddle School Interventionist
Katie Taylor
Katie TaylorSeventh-Eighth Grade ScienceTeacher
Jessica Torres
Jessica Torres Seventh-Eighth Grade Social Studies Teacher
Lane Vassallo
Lane Vassallo Seventh Grade Math Teacher

Path to Potential Gifted Team

Sam Alexander
Sam AlexanderSixth-Eighth Grade Gifted Teacher
Laurie Neemann
Laurie NeemannGifted Teacher

Special Area Team

Stacy Alongi
Stacy Alongi Preschool Para
Kara Allen
Kara AllenAthletics Director
Sarahí Barrón
Sarahí BarrónSpanish Teacher
Briona Carter
Briona CarterPE Teacher
Nick Cudaback
Nick CudabackPE Teacher
Becky DoRan
Becky DoRan FabLab and SMALLab Director
Emilie Duran
Emilie DuranPE Para
TJ Hallam
TJ HallamPE Supervisor
Cindy Irwin
Cindy IrwinPreschool Teacher
Ashley Klebenow
Ashley KlebenowPE Para
Autumn Le Blanc
Autumn Le BlancPE Teacher
Barbara Linke
Barbara LinkeELL Teacher
Kellee Lvers
Kellee LversLibrarian
Cheryl Malone
Cheryl MalonePreschool Para
Dimitri Martinez
Dimitri MartinezTechnology Integration Specialist
Kendahl Righter
Kendahl RighterPE Para
Carmen Pena
Carmen PenaSpanish Fifth-Eighth Grade Teacher
John Salazar
John SalazarArt Teacher
Kaylee Shepherd
Kaylee Shepherd Preschool Teacher

Support Team

Linda Anderson
Linda AndersonInterventionist
Kimbra Chelf
Kimbra Chelf Mobile Sub
Katie O'Connor
Katie O'ConnorMath Interventionist
Ariez Dale
Ariez Dale Assessment Para
Michelle Mills
Michelle MillsAssessment Coordinator
Kendal Retzlaff
Kendal Retzlaff Math Interventionist
Victoria Escobedo
Victoria EscobedoCopy Clerk
Danielle Wipping
Danielle WippingMobile Sub

Special Ed Team

Jessie Bowman
Jessie BowmanSpecial Education Para
Meg Scallon
Meg ScallonSpeech-Language Pathology Assistant


Kalena Adsura
Kalena AdsuraLunch Server
Liz Alvarez
Liz AlvarezLunch Server
Lupe Espinoza
Lupe EspinozaFacilities
Charlie Johnston
Charlie JohnstonFacilities
Sierra Lowenthal
Sierra LowenthalFacilities
Jackie Martinez
Jackie MartinezMaintenance
Charleen Pedroza
Charleen PedrozaLunch Supervisor
Erica Sanchez
Erica SanchezLunch Server
Maria Sanchez
Maria SanchezFacilities
Emma Torres
Emma TorresFacilities Shift Supervisor
Georgie Wallace
Georgie Wallace Facilities and Lunch Server