The Grande Innovation Academy Curriculum

Why is a curriculum important?

A curriculum is the backbone of every school. With the adoption of state standards and preparing scholars for college, expectations have increased and The Grande Innovation Academy has stepped up. With our reading curriculum, we are encompassing higher-level nonfiction text that also aligns with the Core Knowledge sequence that supports cultural literacy. ELA is balanced with discussion pieces as well as the listening and learning strand that enables students to connect what they read with what is happening in the world around them.

Our Math Curriculum is rigorous, aligned to standards, and promotes deep thinking about math in ways that strengthen the basic skills but expand problem-solving abilities. Big Ideas Math is a research-based program providing a focused, coherent curriculum that follows a balanced instructional approach. The program balances conceptual understanding with procedural fluency, as research shows that students benefit from equal exposure to discovery learning and scaffolded instruction. We encourage you to learn more at Big Ideas Learning at: Big Ideas Learning.

Our many programs are used to develop a well-rounded educational experience that fosters growth and independent thinkers.  As our core values state: All scholars will get an education that will strengthen the local community.

The Grande Innovation Academy Difference



The Grande Innovation offers fun electives for our scholars to choose from. Our scholars have the opportunity to take Spanish, typing, music, and art.


SMALLab Learning

The Grande Innovation is the first school in Arizona to incorporate SMALLab learning into the curriculum.

FabLab Logo


The Grande Innovation Academy incorporated a FabLab on our campus so our scholars may use technology to may their imaginations come to life.

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Certified Kindness AwardCertified Kindness Award

Kindness Certified School Districts are committed to creating a culture of kindness in their schools, communities, and the world!

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College and Career Path


The Arizona Department of Education has put together a checklist for the parents and students to review to assure they’re on the right path. Are scholars taking challenging courses? Are they keeping a folder with their best work? Are they adding money to a college savings account?

At every grade level, scholars should be preparing for their future.