What is the Path to Potential online school?

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The Grande Innovation Academy offers an online school option for scholars in the 4th-8th grade. This fantastic program provides our scholars with the best of both worlds: The flexibility of online school and the ability to participate in on-campus after-school clubs, sports, and school events. Using a blended learning platform, our curriculum combines face-to-face instruction, innovative technology, and real-time data to increase personalization, engagement, and mastery of essential skills. The Path to Potential offers a flexible schedule, virtual implementation, direct-instruction videos, on-screen teachers, rigorous assignments and assessments, and a curriculum using learning in layers with hands-on activities for all the core subjects. Self-paced learning allows our scholars to learn at their pace, on their schedule, with 24/7 classroom access. Scholars can access their classrooms anywhere internet access is available. Our team can personalize the experience to meet each scholar’s unique needs, making academic goals achievable.

The Path to Potential is transforming the traditional learning model. The Path to Potential is the best of both worlds for the proactive scholar. The Path to Potential personalizes each scholar’s path by offering semester courses that are divided into modules, allowing scholars the ability to focus on specific learning materials without going through the entire course, repeating what they already know. Our unique teaching model and personalized instruction focuses on mastery learning, and our scholars can review all the content and resubmit assessments throughout their progress in the course. The Path to Potential online school offers a core curriculum, world languages, electives, and advanced courses to assure your scholar is on the right path.

Benefits of Online Learning

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More flexibility to Meet Your Scholars Needs
Traditional schools can be challenging for aspiring athletes and those heavily involved in extracurricular activities to find a balance between school and their interests. Online schools offer flexible schedules that fit the scholar’s life. Scholars at virtual schools don’t have to wait for others or worry about rushing through a difficult concept. This flexible pace allows for mastery of material on your scholar’s terms.

A Proven Curriculum for Homeschooling
Online public schools can be an excellent option for those considering homeschooling. Path to Potential provides a challenging curriculum and daily support.

Fewer Distractions
One of the greatest benefits of online learning is having fewer distractions. With a Learning Coach to monitor progress and keep learning on track, students can focus on their courses without having distraction that comes with the classroom.

Opportunity for Struggling Scholars to Thrive
Online schools can be an academic lifeline for those who:

  • grasp new material faster or slower than other scholars
  • need the ability to manage health concerns throughout the day
  • are rebuilding confidence after experiencing bullying
  • accrue many absences because of a difficult-to-accommodate schedule

Better Connections with Family, Friends, and Instructors
Although they may not see classmates daily, scholars at virtual schools often form better connections with the people with whom they interact regularly. Additionally, virtual schools offer more one-on-one time with instructors, which can enhance the learning experience.



Personalized Learning for Every Scholar


2.7 Million

Students are Enrolled in Digital Learning



Of Online Students Believe Online Learning Improves their Time Management and Attention to Detail



of High School Dropouts are Gifted


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Registration is now open. Registration for the Path to Potential online school is the same as registering for the Grande Innovation Academy. Families must contact our front office for an enrollment packet, complete the application for student admission and provide the necessary documentation:

  • Verification of identity/age with one of the following:
    • A certified copy of the student’s birth certificate or
    • other reliable proof of the student’s identity and age, including the pupil’s baptism certificate, an application for a social security number or the original school registration records, and an affidavit explaining the inability to provide a copy of the birth certificate, or
    • A letter from the authorized representative of an agency having custody of the student pursuant to A.R.S., Title 8, Chapter 2 certifying that the student has been placed in the custody of the agency as prescribed by law. (A.R.S. §15-828(A))
  • Immunization Records, requested at the time of enrollment, and are required for attendance.
  • Proof of Residency
  • Custody Paperwork, if applicable.

After your application is turned in and your scholar is accepted into the Path to Potential online school, an orientation is scheduled for your scholar and at least one parent to meet with our program director, Ashlee Miller.

The GIA Way!
The Best of Both Worlds


everyone needs in-person learning. Being on campus 8 hours a day doesn’t work for everyone. 2020 changed the way we interact, how we conduct meetings, and we’ve learned to adapt in ways no one thought possible.

Path to Potential scholars have the unique opportunity to participate in the Grande Innovation Academy sporting programs, after-school clubs, activities, and field trips. Scholars have the flexibility to learn at their own pace and still participate with their peers at the Grande Innovation Academy.

While many online schools do not offer sports and activities, or homeschool students find difficulty accessing public schools for allowing their students to participate in sports, the Grande Innovation Academy offers soccer, co-ed cross country, flag football, volleyball, basketball, softball, and baseball to the Path to Potential scholars.

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Learn at Your Pace

Our online curriculum and learning solutions allow for our online scholars to learn at their own pace, accelerate ahead on their own schedule, and with our technology, scholars can succeed with the ability to review materials and monitor progress instantly. The best of both worlds, scholars can learn online and socialize at The Grande Innovation Academy by attending all our school events, assemblies, WISE, join after school clubs, and sports teams.

In-school and Online Learning

Scholars needing to be online part-time to accommodate their athletic training or music lessons may still wish to be in the classroom. With this unique and desirable flexibility, our scholars can focus on specific areas, alter their schedules for the things they’re passionate about, and study at their own pace. For scholars that need to leave early, combining on-campus and online learning is the perfect fit!

In-school and Online Learning

Scholars focused on specific areas, such as music or sports, who need to alter their schedules due to training and lessons, will find the ability to do both online and in-school learning

Our Online Courses

The Path to Potential courses were created to national standards, not just the state of Arizona’s standards. With a wide range of diverse activities, our curriculum provides an engaging and rigorous learning experience for different learning styles. With interactive games and quizzes, engaging video and audio clips, and practical written lessons and assessments, the Path to Potential courses are thoughtfully designed to help our scholars understand new concepts and master new skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The Grande Innovation Academy offers an online school option for scholars in the 4th-8th grade. Scholars choosing online schooling need to have stable internet connections and computer access.

The Grande Innovation Academy is a public charter school that accepts full-time Arizona students, tuition-free. Please contact our front office for additional information regarding enrollment.

Yes! Your classes and attendance are recorded 100% online. Engaging, direct-instruction videos, and a mix of supported and independent practice keep students motivated as they learn, and help them master skills so they can move on to more complex concepts. And actionable, real-time data enables educators to quickly see how students are performing, and if they could benefit from small-group or one-on-one instruction.

Yes! Our state-certified, experienced teachers prioritize our scholars success. Combined with our personalized virtual instruction, scholars get all the support they need to learn, grow, and succeed in life!

Benchmark Testing

Online scholars will be required to be on campus for benchmark testing four times a year:

  • K-8th
  • Azella (ELL)
  • AZ Merit (3rd-8th)

While your education may be based online, you’ll experience social interaction by attending events and assemblies, field trips, joining sports teams, and participating in clubs offered at the Grande Innovation Academy.

Yes! The Instructional Services secondary curriculum and instructional model have been reviewed and approved by the NCAA® to ensure your scholar-athletes receive a rigorous college-preparatory learning experience.

The Path to Potential online school over 300 class courses for initial credit, general and career electives, world languages, and advance placement.


The Path to Potential online school works hand-in-hand with our Path to Potential gifted program, allowing gifted scholars to delve deeper into content as they develop critical thinking skills, enhanced with our unique curriculum structure. The multimedia-rich lessons lead to rich discussions and assignments that engage students about timely, relevant topics that matter most to them. Students are challenged, encouraged, and inspired throughout each lesson. Our honors courses feature additional instruction and more challenging assignments to extend learning. Advanced Placement® courses include rigorous coursework, an array of multimedia activities and assignments, and an online platform for in-depth discussion.

Structured leadership opportunities with the Scholars with Shovels Community Garden as well as the Roots and Shoots Program enable these high-ability scholars to contribute to their communities. Innovation and creation are the themes for these Scholars while they invent and solve real-world problems in the Fab Lab. The Path to Potential online school and Path to Potential gifted program are ONE of a kind programs in Casa Grande and are ONLY available at the Grande Innovation Academy.

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