The Grande Innovation Academy is a uniform school. Wearing uniforms enhances school pride, unity, and community spirit and may improve attendance and discipline. School uniforms make getting ready for school easier, which can improve punctuality, attendance, and discipline. School uniforms can save parents money.

Uniform Policy

The Governing Board of The Grande Innovation Academy supports the establishment and enforcement of a school uniform. It is their belief that the wearing of a school uniform by scholars of The Grande Innovation Academy assists in creating an environment conducive to a quality learning opportunity for the children that attend GIA. Parents enrolling their scholars in The Grande Innovation Academy agree to comply with the Uniform Policy at all times.  Uniforms are available for purchase through the front office.

Uniform Shirt
  • The ONLY APPROVED shirts for boys and girls are the short-sleeved royal blue uniform shirt with The Grande Innovation Academy logo.
  • The ONLY APPROVED pants/shorts for boys and girls are black uniform line pants/shorts.
    • Shorts must be a minimum 4-inch inseam
    • Sits at the waist
    • No cargo shorts/pants
    • No “skinny” pants
    • No saggy pants/shorts, belts are allowed.
    • No black denim
    • No Skirts
    • No skorts
  • Any appropriate jacket may be worn to school but only the approved GIA sweatshirts may be worn in the classroom. GIA sweatshirts and hoodies may be purchased at the school.

Dress Code

All clothing will:

  • Be clean and neat
  • Be the appropriate size (not skin tight or too large)
  • Not be torn, tattered, or written on
  • Not interfere with the educational process or present a safety hazard as determined by The Grande Innovation Academy administration

Backpacks/Binders will:

  • Be free of patches and any student writing
  • Be free of logos, symbols, or pictures that represent something illegal, violent, illicit, or suggestive
  • Subject to search by a GIA employee at any time, without warning

Footwear will: 

  • Be required at all times
  • Be lace-up athletic shoes tied snugly at all times

Uniform shirts will:

  • Tucked in at the waist at all times

Pants will:

  • Be pulled up and snug above the hips
  • Be no longer than just above the sole of the shoe

Shorts will:

  • Be no shorter than knee length; no less than 4 inches
  • Be no longer than the top of the knee

Jewelry/Piercings will:

  • Be kept to a minimum
  • Not include any piercing of visible body parts other than the ear/ears
  • Not include large hoop or large dangle style earrings
  • Include only appropriate neckwear, bracelets, and belts
  • Not interfere with the educational process or present a safety hazard

Hair will: 

  • Not be an extreme style (ex: no Mohawks)
  • Be only natural hair colors
  • Not interfere with the educational process or present a safety hazard as determined by the GIA administration

Headwear will:

  • Only be worn outside the building and can be worn during recess and P.E.
  • Be restricted to school appropriate designs that are not vulgar, violent, obscene, or gang-related
  • Not include “do-rags”, bandanas or sweatbands

Tattoos and body art will:

  • Not be allowed (including permanent, temporary, henna, or any other types of tattoos or body art)
  • Temporary tattoos or body art will be washed off immediately
  • Permanent and henna tattoos or body art will be covered at all times

The Owls Bookstore

Bookstore Illustration

Scholars may wear school t-shirts with their uniform pants and tie shoes on the last Thursday of every month. There are a variety of Grande Innovation Academy-approved t-shirts. Check out our top-notch merchandise available at the Owl’s Bookstore. Uniforms and t-shirts are available for purchase through the front office.