We can all agree that these are… wait for it… *unprecedented times.* But how can we agree to transition our students back into school life? Working professionals (likely the person reading this) had to make adjustments to their work/life schedules way back in March. Now, these professionals have mastered the “work from home” lifestyle. That’s not to say that it has been easy – for many it’s been anything but. However, an adult skillset includes things like flexibility, critical decision-making, and an appreciation for routine and stability.

The difference in school-aged children is that many lack these skills or are underdeveloped in these areas. Whether you are a teacher or a parent (or both!), it’s important to aid in re-establishing old routines for today’s students, who just spent the better part of the last six months out of a classroom and out of contact with many of their peers and teachers.

Here, we’ll highlight some successful habits to reintroduce into your student(s) lives as the return to “normalcy” ensues.

  1. Sleep. If there is one thing you take away from this post, it’s this. A full night of sleep, especially for a child, will improve their mood, cognitive ability, focus, amongst other day-to-day behaviors. Decrease screen time in the evenings, set a bedtime, and depending on age, introduce an alarm clock to wake them up in the morning.
  2. Breakfast. Food can make or break a day! Encouraging your child to eat well-rounded breakfast at least three of the five days a week will be of huge value in the long term.
  3. Prepare lunches and snacks ahead of time! Not only will this save you time in the morning, but you are more likely to pack a healthier lunch by setting aside time during or after dinner when food is already being prepared.
  4. Set out your child’s uniform/outfit the night before the following school day. Similar to packing your lunch beforehand, setting out your clothes will encourage more preparedness. You may even find something that needs a wash before the next morning!
  5. Be patient – with yourself and with your child. The word “unprecedented” literally means that something like this has never happened before in our lifetime. So just as much as you, a parent or guardian, are navigating the new normal, so is your child.

We’d love to hear about what habits YOU are reintroducing or continuing to use in your home as your children return to school. Find us on the Grande Innovation Academy page on Facebook, or reach out to us via email at [email protected] to let us know what other topics you’d like to see from our blog.