Family Screen Time

Studies have shown that excessive media use can lead to learning and attention problems, lack of sleep and obesity. Families are spending more time on screens than ever before: phones, tablets, video games, computer games, computers at work and at home, television, and movies. Setting limits on the amount of time your family spends on electronic devices will help family members become responsible users.

Katey McPherson, the Executive Director of the Gurian Institute in Chandler, recently spoke at a conference about the effects of screen time on our children. Based on research and brain scans, screen time has the same chemical effect and hormonal response in the brain as cocaine. Brain scans show that after 12-16 minutes, kids go into a neutral resting state, so they say that kids should get up for about 30 – 60 seconds for a ‘Brain Boost’.  It could be content driving or not, and any type of movement is fine.  Ideally, it would look like:  content + physical movement + fun.

Their recommendation is no more than 1 hour a day (combined) of all screen time. We challenge our families to commit to cutting down on screen time.

To download the Grande Innovation Family Screen Time Contract, click here.