K-8 Grade Sports Program

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Kara Allen
Kara AllenPhysical Education Teacher and Athletics Director


Welcome to our sports page. The Grande Innovation is proud to offer the following sprots for our middle school scholars:

  • Fall Season: Co-Ed Cross Country , Girls Volleyball, Boys Flag Football
  • Winter Season: Boys Basketball
  • Spring Season: Girls Basketball, Co-Ed Soccer, Baseball

For our younger athletes, we have soccer available through the Boys and Girls Club and basketball through CG Parks and Recreation.

Kara Allen,
Athletics Director

Youth sports game times and locations have not been determined at the moment. Game days will always be on Saturdays. All information about the sports offerings of the younger ages will be given by the coaches and myself as they progress.

Fall Season

K – 5th Grade OWLSome Kickers Soccer League

6 – 8th Grade Co-ed Cross Country

6 – 8th Grade Co-ed Flag Football

6 – 8th Girls Volleyball

Winter Season

6 – 8th Grade Boys Basketball

6 – 8th Grade Softball

Spring Season

6 – 8th Grade Baseball

6 – 8th Grade Co-ed Soccer

6 – 8th Girls Basketball

  • GIA Soccer Team
  • OWL Mascot

Junior High Sports

Please visit the Canyon Athletics Association for junior high game times, game locations, and upcoming events.

Canyon Athletic Association

Our Owl Sponsors

The Grande Innovation Academy offers a competitive sports program for our middle school scholars through the Canyon Athletic Association. We receive no funding for sports from the state. Please download our sponsor letter to learn more about sponsorship opportunities. Sponsors help us pay for uniforms, equipment, league fees and helps offset the participation fees for our athletes.

Sports Sponsorship Letter
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The Importance of Sports

  • GIA Soccer
  • GIA Soccer
  • GIA PE
  • GIA PE

The Grande Innovation Academy believes that good sportsmanship pro­vides guidelines that can be generalized to the classroom and lifelong achievement. Partici­pation in challenging sports contests teaches children to love classroom challenge. It also teaches children to function in a competitive society.


The world of sports mirrors how one can play the game of school and life. Good athletes stay in the game and play their best even when they are losing. This teaches them about a growth mindset. They can improve on the field, court or in the classroom if they put in the effort. They know they will win some and lose some. They discipline themselves. They practice with grueling regularity the necessary skills for their sport. Education, life accomplishments, creative contributions in the arts, sciences, business, and government involve similar perseverance and self-discipline.

Our society is competitive, and we should teach our children to function in competition and how to both win and lose as good sports. Children must learn that winning and losing are both temporary and that they can’t give up or quit. Learning to become a team player is also important for children who may prefer to be the center of attention.

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Active Scholars Do Better

The importance of physical fitness chart.


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Some children are natural athletes while others have lesser physical coordination. Sports and athletic activity are good for building confidence for both groups. For the well coordinated, the discipline of honing skills gives a sense of improvement and accomplishment. Winning games and moving to higher levels of competition permit these children to sense their personal progress. The Grande Innovation Academy offers competitive sports through the Boys and Girls Club and the Canyon Athletic Association.

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Children with lesser coordination need to begin involvement in less competitive sports at first or in activities in which they can achieve improvement compared to past accomplishments to measure their own growth. The Grande Innovation Academy strives to develop our youngest athletes with sports on campus that are non-competitive. This way they can not only improve their competency but can also thoroughly enjoy the fun of sports.