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Educators at the Grande Innovation Academy share the belief that as a team, we’re changing the mindsets of each scholar to lead them down the path of success. That’s why we call our team of highly effective teachers, Path Leaders.

Carol Dweck, a Standford University psychologist, discovered the idea of the fixed and growth mindsets. With a fixed mindset, intelligence is static, they avoid challenges, give up easy, ignore negative feedback and feel threatened by the success of others. People with a growth mindset embraces challenges, persists in the face of setbacks, learns from criticism, and finds lessons and inspiration in the success of others.

The Grande Innovation Academy Path Leaders work hard to instill our scholars with the 16 Habits of Mind in their intellectually active classrooms. Our Path Leaders provide differentiated learning opportunities by using a variety of learning models to keep the education process fun and exciting.

If you’re an intellectual professional, high-energy goal setter, committed to making a difference in the life of scholars, apply now.

Teacher Testimonials

Thank You so much for the whole Responsive Classroom experience.  Thank you for not only allowing so many of us to attend, thank you also for bringing Patrick to us.  I feel that taking the class in-house allowed us to be more comfortable and get much more out of the class.

I am so appreciative that you allowed me to attend.  I’ve been planning out my first week of school, and am so excited to start building an engaging classroom right from the start!
Lastly, thank you for giving me an Academic Coach. I didn’t realize how much Kaela & I supported each other!  I’m excited to work more closely with you Michelle, and learn from you.  I’m also very excited to work with the Kinder Team and work on aligning my classroom goals and successes with Kinder’s goals, to help our scholars have a more seamless transition from Preschool to Kinder, for a fantastic start to their education.
Thank you again – I had an amazing week, not only learning about so many new tools and resources, I also had some fantastic interactions with teachers that I rarely see throughout the year.
Laura DeTour, Grande Innovation Academy Pre K Teacher

The Grande Innovation Teacher’s Toolbox

The Grande Innovation Teacher

As part of an inquiry-based educational system, our team focuses on student choice, inquiry, and engagement. We value our scholar’s ideas. As part of our own mindset, we are always looking for ways to improve our classrooms and for new engaging techniques for effective teaching and learning opportunities.

The Grande Innovation Teacher Toolbox contains online resources and books to support quality teaching, professional learning, self-assessment,  reflection, collaboration, performance and development, and coaching to help our team members reach the tangible results they desire.


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